YAMAHA RX-V385 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver Review

4.99 Mixed Usages
Release year: 2015 Rating: 3.5

The Yamaha RX-V385 calls out to the discerning audiophile who craves a perfect fusion of style and performance. Perfect for mid-sized homes or apartments, its sleek design and immersive audio are tailored for those who desire cinematic experiences without taking up too much space.

Our Verdict


The Yamaha RX-V385 is a reliable choice, thanks to its modern design and robust performance. Despite some occasional HDMI quirks and a slightly intricate interface, its overall value far outweighs these minor drawbacks. This is perfect for a stylish and functional mid-range option. This versatile speaker effortlessly blends into any home setup, providing a reliable audio foundation for all your entertainment needs.


  • Modern, Sleek Design
  • Versatile Connectivity Options
  • 4K Ultra HD Compatibility
  • Powerful 5.1-Channel Configuration
  • Yamaha's YPAO Acoustic Optimization
  • Bluetooth Music Streaming
  • Phono Input for Turntables
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Occasional HDMI Handshake Issues
  • Complex Advanced Settings Interface
  • Lack of Built-In Wi-Fi
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Receiver Type A/V Receiver
Number Of Channel 5.1 Channel
Number Channel Processing 5
Audio Feature Dolby Atmos
Video Feature HDR10
Watts Per Channel


Ethernet N/A
Wi-Fi N/A
Bluetooth Yes
RCA LIne Input: None
RCA LIne Output: None
RCA Pre-Outs: None
XLR Line Inputs: None
XLR Pre-Outs: None
Phono Input: Yes
Optical Inputs: 1
Optical Output: 0
Coaxial Inputs: None
Multi-Channel Input: None
Headphone Out: None
HDMI Inputs: 4
HDMI Outputs: 1
8K Inputs: None
Composite Video Input None
Composite Video Output: None
Component Video Input: None
Component Video Output: None
Front A/V Inputs: None
Speaker A/B: None


Maximum Channel Processing 5.1
Dolby Atmos Not supported
Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization N/A
Dolby Atmos Music N/A
Dolby TrueHD Yes
Dolby Digital Plus Yes
Dolby Surround Upmixer N/A
Dolby Pro Logic Yes
Dolby Digital EX Yes
Surround EX N/A
DTS Neural:X N/A
DTS Virtual:X N/A
DTS-HD Master Audio Yes
DTS-HD High Resolution Audio N/A
DTS 96/24 N/A
DTS Express N/A
IMAX Enhanced N/A
Music Playback via USB Yes
High Resolution Music Playback via USB and/or Network No
High Resolution Audio Formats via USB No
Gapless Playback N/A
DSD via USB No
DSD to PCM Converter N/A
Jitter Reduction N/A
DTS Dialog Control N/A
Dialog Enhancement
Dialog Level Adjustment N/A
Dialog Normalization N/A
Dialogue Lift N/A
Compressed Music Enhancer Yes
High-resolution Music Enhancer N/A
Audyssey Dynamic EQ N/A
Audyssey Dynamic Volume N/A
Audyssey LFC N/A
Audyssey Sub EQ HT N/A
Audyssey DSX N/A
Direct Mode N/A
Pure Direct Mode N/A
Independent Subwoofer Outputs N/A
Auto Speaker Calibration System with Mic. YPAO
Audyssey App Support N/A
Bass Sync N/A
Optimized Bass Redirection N/A


HDMI Version Yes
Enhanced ARC N/A
HDCP Version 2.3
HDR10+ N/A
Dynamic HDR Yes
Dolby Vision Yes
HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) Yes
QMS (Quick Media Switching) N/A
3-D Ready Yes
Video Signal Passthrough Yes
Video Signal Upscaling Yes
Analog To HDMI Upconversion N/A
Component Video Upscaling N/A
isf Certified Calibration Control N/A


Channels 5.1
Front Wide Channel Support N/A
Current Feedback Topology N/A
Discrete Amplification Yes
THX™ Certification N/A
Continuous 6 Ω Rated N/A
Certified 4 Ω Performance N/A
Bi-amp Capability Yes


Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) N/A
Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) N/A
Quick Frame Transport (QFT) N/A


Zones No
Powered Zones No
Zone 2 Outs No
Zone 3 Outs No
RS-232C Interface N/A
+12V Trigger Output No


Analog Tuner No
Digital Radio N/A
Internet Radio No
Pandora N/A
Spotify N/A
Tidal N/A
Deezer N/A
SiriusXM Internet Radio N/A
Napster N/A


On-Screen Display Yes
GUI Languages 8
Web Browser Control N/A
IP Control for CI Yes
Control4 SDDP N/A
PreAmp Mode N/A
Display Yes
Remote Controller Yes
Remote Control In/Out 1/1
LCD Display N/A
Detachable Power Cord N/A
Setup Assistant Yes


Power Output (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 2 Not specified
Rated Power Output (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 1 channel driven, IEC) Not specified
Dynamic Power per Channel (3 Ω, Front) Not specified
Dynamic Power per Channel (4 Ω, Front) Not specified
Dynamic Power per Channel (8 Ω, Front) Not specified
Power Output (8 Ω, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 2 70 W (8 ohms, 0.09% THD)
Maximum Effective Power Output (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 1 channel driven, JEITA) 145 W (6 ohms, 10% THD)
Power Supply No
Toroidal Transformer N/A
Power Consumption Not specified.
No Sound Power Not specified.
Standby Power ≤ 0.2 W


Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.125 x 6.375 x 12.375 inches
Weight 17 lbs
Chassis No
Front Panel Yes
Speaker Terminals Yes
Large Speaker Terminals Yes
Color-Coded Speaker Terminals Yes
Transparent High-Grade Speaker Terminals N/A
High Grade Audio Components N/A
ECO Mode / Hybrid Standby Function Yes
Auto Power off Yes
Warranty 1 Year


THD digital Not specified
Analog Distortion 0.09%
Phono Distortion Not specified
Input Sensitivity and Impedance (Line) 200mV / 47k-ohms
Input Sensitivity and Impedance (Phono MM) Not specified
Rated Lineout Level and Impedance Not specified
Rated Output digital Not specified
S/N Ratio (Line, IHF-A) Not specified
S/N Ratio (Phono MM, IHF-A) Not specified
S/N Ratio (digital) Not specified
Phono RIAA Deviation Not specified
Frequency Response (Analog In) 10Hz to 100kHz
DSD Sampling Rates via HDMI Not specified
DSD Sampling Rates via USB Not specified
Video Input Sensitivity/Output Level and Impedance Not specified
Video Frequency Response Not specified
Ethernet Standard Not specified
Wi-Fi Standard Not specified
Wi-Fi Terminal Frequency Not specified
Bluetooth Version SBC
Bluetooth Frequency Not specified
USB Terminal Yes
FM Frequency Not specified
FM 50 dB Quiet Sensitivity (IHF, 1 kHz, 100% MOD.) Not specified
FM S/N Ratio Not specified
FM Harmonic Distortion (IHF, 1 kHz) Not specified
AM Effective Sensitivity Not specified
AM Frequency Not specified
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Details Review


The RX-V385 has a contemporary and stylish design that combines functionality and aesthetics. With its sleek brushed aluminum finish, this device effortlessly enhances the look of any home entertainment setup, adding a touch of sophistication that is sure to impress. The front panel has a user-friendly design, featuring a clear display and responsive buttons that make it simple to navigate. This product's small size allows it to easily blend into any space without overpowering the room.

Although the design is generally well-received, a few users have mentioned that the display could be brighter, particularly in well-lit rooms. Furthermore, users who prefer convenient and hassle-free connections for temporary devices may find it inconvenient that there is no front HDMI port.


The receiver comes with four HDMI inputs and one output, allowing you to easily connect multiple devices. It also supports 4K Ultra HD pass-through, ensuring that you can enjoy the latest visual content without any compatibility issues. With HDCP 2.2, you can enjoy secure 4K content hassle-free.

Bluetooth capability allows for wireless music streaming from smartphones or tablets. This device accommodates multiple audio sources with both analog and digital inputs, including a specific phono input for vinyl enthusiasts.

Although the connectivity is impressive, a few users have experienced occasional HDMI handshake problems that can cause interruptions in audio or video. Not having Wi-Fi built-in could be a downside for those who want easy wireless connections, especially in a world where smart devices are everywhere.


The RX-V385 offers a powerful and captivating audio experience that will fully immerse you. With a 5.1-channel configuration and 70 watts per channel, you'll experience a powerful and clear sound output. People love how the receiver effortlessly handles different audio sources, delivering high-quality sound for movies and music of all genres.

Yamaha's YPAO technology is designed to automatically calibrate audio settings based on the unique acoustics of your room. Users will enjoy the best sound quality that is customized to their unique listening environment.

Although the audio performance is generally commendable, a few users have mentioned that the user interface, especially for advanced settings, could be more user-friendly. Getting around the menu and tweaking settings might take a bit of time, especially if you're new to AV receivers.

Where and When to Use 

The RX-V385 is the perfect centerpiece for any home entertainment system, designed to fit seamlessly into any environment. The design of this product is perfect for mid-sized living rooms, providing an incredible cinematic experience for movie nights or an immersive audio backdrop for gaming sessions. Perfect for any occasion, the RX-V385 effortlessly fits into any living space, whether you're hosting a party or just relaxing by yourself. It's a versatile choice that adapts to your needs.

Compatible Devices 

The RX-V385 is incredibly versatile, making it compatible with a wide variety of devices. The receiver is compatible with a wide range of entertainment devices, including gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and legacy audio sources. Whether you're connecting via HDMI or analog/digital inputs, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment without any compatibility issues. Users can enjoy a unified hub for all their audio and video sources, accommodating their diverse preferences with flexibility.

Ease of Use

The design of the RX-V385 makes it easy for users of any experience level to set up. Although the initial calibration with YPAO technology makes things easier, some users have mentioned that they would like a more user-friendly on-screen interface, especially for advanced configurations. Users quickly become familiar with the receiver's user-friendly interface, which strikes a perfect balance between ease of use and personalization.


The RX-V385 is positioned as a mid-range option in the AV receiver landscape when it comes to cost. This product offers a great combination of value and quality, making it a popular option for users who want a dependable audio solution without breaking the bank. With its competitive pricing, this home theater audio system is a solid choice for any enthusiast.


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  Design  The RX-V6A steps into the room like a modern sculpture: sleek, bold, and purposeful. Yamaha's knack for marrying form and function shines through in its brushed aluminum facade. The front display, akin to a minimalist masterpiece, serves as a visual cue to the audio excellence within. Users have praised its unassuming yet powerful presence, seamlessly fitting into diverse home aesthetics. The intuitive button layout on the front panel ensures easy access to essential controls, making it feel like a well-designed instrument in the hands of an audiophile. Yet, in this design symphony, some users found the remote control less intuitive, akin to playing a challenging melody without sheet music. Connectivity  Let's talk about connectivity, the lifeblood of any modern AV receiver. The RX-V6A offers an extensive array of ports—HDMI, USB, and more–creating a sonic hub for your entertainment gadgets. It seamlessly integrates into your multimedia ecosystem, supporting 4K, HDR10, and Dolby Vision for a visual feast. The inclusion of MusicCast elevates its connectivity to a new level, allowing users to stream music effortlessly throughout their homes. Wireless connectivity, while robust, showed occasional hiccups—a brief interruption in the otherwise harmonious playback. The zone control feature lets you tailor your audio experience to different parts of your home, from the living room to the backyard. Setting it up feels like connecting musical dots, with the on-screen guide serving as your musical score. Performance Crafting an auditory experience, this audio virtuoso showcases an impressive power output that goes beyond simply playing sound. Support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X makes the soundstage big, so every part of the room can be a great place to listen to music. Users have praised the RX-V6A's immersive cinematic experience, particularly during action-packed scenes. The receiver truly highlights every sonic detail, making it feel like a spotlight on the audio. High-resolution audio formats have found a valuable companion that skillfully captures the artist's vision, resulting in rich and immersive auditory experience. Despite the overall outstanding performance of this symphony, some users mentioned occasional calibration discrepancies. It's like a pianist tweaking their instrument mid-performance—a little hitch that doesn't ruin the piece. The RX-V6A is an impressive powerhouse, creating an audio landscape that showcases the clarity and finesse of each note. Where and When to Use The RX-V6A is not just an audio device; it's an experience enhancer. Perfect for mid-sized living rooms, it's a ticket to transforming your space into an audio haven. Whether you're unwinding with a movie, hosting a weekend party, or simply enjoying a solo music session, the RX-V6A adapts to various scenarios. Compatible Devices It seamlessly integrates with your TV, gaming console, Blu-ray player, and more. Users appreciated the simplicity of the setup process, feeling like they were plugging pieces into a musical puzzle. However, some wished for more advanced features to future-proof their setups. Ease of Use The on-screen setup process is intuitive, guiding users through the initial configuration seamlessly. The learning curve is gentle, allowing users to become the maestro of their audio domain without feeling overwhelmed. Cost The Yamaha RX-V6A positions itself as a mid-range marvel, offering premium features without the hefty price tag. Users who seek a balance between performance and affordability praised the investment. While it doesn't compete with the ultra-premium options, the RX-V6A justifies its cost for those wanting a quality audio experience without breaking the bank.  
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Marantz SR8015 11.2 Channel AV Receiver

Design The Marantz SR8015 is a stunning addition to any audiophile's home theater setup, with a sleek and refined design that effortlessly complements any decor. The elegant black casing of this device, paired with its generously sized and user-friendly screen, emanates a luxurious impression. This receiver boasts a precision build, ensuring both durability and longevity for the discerning audiophile. Connectivity The Marantz SR8015 offers a wide range of connectivity options for audiophiles. With a multitude of HDMI inputs and outputs, the device is compatible with a wide range of multimedia equipment.. The eARC compatibility of the receiver streamlines connecting your audio configuration with your TV. The SR8015 boasts network connectivity options through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, providing audiophiles with access to online streaming services, music libraries, and firmware updates. The device boasts of Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 compatibility, providing seamless wireless audio streaming from your preferred gadgets. Performance The Marantz SR8015 is a top-performing audio device that outshines its rivals in terms of performance. This AV receiver is a true audiophile's dream, boasting support for an impressive 11.2 channels. The SR8015 is also a versatile receiver. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including home theater, music listening, and gaming. These technologies will transport you to the very heart of the action, allowing you to fully engage with every movie and music session. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey that will leave you breathless. The SR8015 is a remarkable addition to any audiophile's collection, delivering exceptional audio quality that is sure to impress even the most discerning listener. However, it doesn't stop there - this device also enhances your visual experience, taking your entertainment to the next level. The device ensures that you can revel in stunning picture quality on compatible displays, making for an immersive audio-visual experience. It also has a number of features that make it ideal for gaming, such as low latency and support for HDR gaming. Use Case The Marantz SR8015 is an excellent option for audiophiles who have a versatile living area or a dedicated home theater room. The cutting-edge amplification, state-of-the-art room correction technology, and meticulous audio calibration of this system guarantee unparalleled sound reproduction in any setting. Indulge in a truly immersive cinematic experience, regardless of the location of your home theatre setup. Compatible Devices The SR8015 boasts an impressive compatibility range, ensuring a seamless integration experience with a variety of devices. With this receiver, audiophiles can connect a variety of devices, including gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and streaming devices, to fully experience the exceptional audio and video capabilities. Moreover, this cutting-edge technology is compatible with a range of intelligent home ecosystems, enabling you to manage your home cinema configuration with ease. Ease of Use Marantz has always been a brand that prioritizes user experience, and the SR8015 is no exception. The interface of this receiver is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring that users can enjoy their audio experience without any hassle. With its intuitive design and on-screen prompts, setting up the receiver is a simple and stress-free process.. The intuitive user interface of this audio system allows for effortless adjustment of settings, source selection, and personalised audio preferences. Cost While the Marantz SR8015 represents a significant investment, it delivers unmatched performance and features that justify its price tag. When you consider the exceptional audio and video experience it provides, along with its future-proof capabilities, the SR8015 becomes a sound investment that will continue to elevate. FAQ: Does the Marantz SR8015 support 8K video? Yes, the Marantz SR8015 supports 8K video. It features advanced HDMI connectivity with 8K/60Hz pass-through and up-scaling capabilities, allowing you to enjoy stunning visual clarity on compatible displays. What is the warranty period for the Marantz SR8015? The Marantz SR8015 typically comes with a standard warranty of one year from the date of purchase. However, it's always recommended to check with the retailer or manufacturer for specific warranty details and any available extended warranty options. Does the Marantz SR8015 support multi-room audio? Yes, the Marantz SR8015 supports multi-room audio. With its advanced audio distribution capabilities, you can synchronize audio playback in different rooms or create individual zones, providing a customized listening experience throughout your home.
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YAMAHA RX-A8A AVENTAGE 11.2-Channel AV Receiver

Design Yamaha RX-A8A AVENTAGE 11.2-Channel AV Receiver is both a combination of visually pleasing and technologically advanced. It has a sleek, modern design with clean lines and a black finish. One of the standout features of this receiver is LCD display technology. The on-screen display is easy to read and navigate. The display provides clear information about the current input, volume level, and other settings. The display also features customizable color schemes, allowing users to tailor the look to their preferences. Audio Features The Yamaha RX-A8A AVENTAGE 11.2-Channel AV Receiver offers immersive and high-quality audio performance with its cutting-edge audio technologies. It supports Dolby Atmos, DTS X, IMAX Enhanced, and Auro 3D for an engaging, multi-dimensional, cinematic audio experience.  It also features AI technology that optimizes the sound for different listening environments. Additionally, Adaptive DRC (Dynamic Range Control) blends the dynamic range of sound based on the volume level. Again, this receiver featured 150W per channel output to deliver robust and dynamic sound. Also, it comes with Ultra-Low Distortion (ULD) technology, providing clear and precise sound without noise or distortion. You can enjoy every word crystal clear, from soft music to jazz type.  Video Features For providing a lifelike cinematic experience, Yamaha RX-A8A AVENTAGE 11.2-Channel AV Receiver has HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), and many more impressive features.  Moreover, it supports the latest HDMI 2.1 specification with 8K Ultra HD and HDR10+ support. It has advanced features, such as 4K and 8K upscaling video processing, AI-enhancement technologies, and Dynamic Range Adjustment. The AI and DRC features adjust bright and dark scenes within a single frame.  The receiver also supports HDCP 2.3 content protection for 4K video streaming, including multiple inputs for HDMI and other video sources. In a word, this package is for enjoying home theater with next-level audio and video features. Compatible Devices This is a perfect solution for a big home theater set up to power up your whole system. The universal compatibility with any device makes it more suitable to use.  Connect your devices via WIFI or Bluetooth to anything you want, from Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and streaming devices to smartphones, tabs, PC, turntables, and many more.  Connectivity The Yamaha RX-A8A AVENTAGE 11.2-Channel AV Receiver has many connectivity options to connect different audio and video sources. Versatile connectivity can make your life easier. It has eight HDMI inputs and three outputs that support 8K/60Hz, 4K/120Hz, HDCP 2.3, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision. It also has component input, composite input, four digital inputs (2 optical, 2 coaxial), five analog inputs, and a turntable phono input.  There are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, and MusicCast for wireless connectivity. The receiver also has pre-out connections for 11.2-channel configurations and supports multi-room audio and video distribution through MusicCast. Performance The RX-A8A offers exceptional performance, high-quality audio and video processing capabilities, powerful amplification, and advanced features. All these are more than enough to make your home theater or home entertainment take to the next level. You can get multi-room audio and voice control, multiple audio and video supporting formats from Dolby Atmos to Dolby Vision in a single receiver. The connectivity option is vast, and you can easily connect any device with this. For a wireless connection, use the WIFI and Bluetooth seamlessly. Not only the fantastic performance but also the look it comes with is excellent. It has a sleek, stylish design, sturdy construction, and easy-to-use controls.  Overall, the Yamaha RX-A8A AVENTAGE is considered top-of-the-line and a perfect choice for audio and home theater enthusiasts seeking the ultimate sound quality and flexibility. Cost The price of this receiver may seem a bit expensive. But honestly, with tons of loaded features, amazing video, and audio quality additional gaming features, you can not expect a cheaper price range. You just need to spend around $3500 to get the ultimate home theater solution in your home. FAQ Does the Yamaha RX-A8A support 4K or 8K video? Yes, the RX-A8A supports 4K and 8K video with upscaling. You can enjoy your best movie experience with enhanced video and audio quality.
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