Denon Home 250 Wireless Speaker Review

5.7 Mixed Usages
6.8 Music:
6.3 Movies:
1 Outdoors:
6.7 Podcasts
7.6 Voice Assistant:
Release year: 2019 Rating: 4.2 0.75" tweeter 4" woofer bass radiator stereo pairing home theater best for: medium sized rooms usage: music and movies

With DSP and full range drivers, Denon Home 250 speakers deliver pristine sound performance. We love how it supports multiroom audio and it is available at such a reasonable price. We played the speakers at a high volume and were impressed by their performance. The speakers are capable of delivering room filling sound while maintaining clarity.

With the intuitive mobile app, voice controls and physical touch buttons, controlling is smoother and easier. Music is engaging through these speakers. Movies are decent but shines when you create a 5.1 system.

Our Verdict

Setting up the Denon Home 250 speaker with HEOS or Wi-Fi is quite easy. The fact that you will not need an additional amplifier or receiver, will save you space and bucks. Use the HEOS app to adjust bass and treble to slightly change the sound. It also allows you to choose different placement options so that it can optimize the sound.

  • Supports Hi-res audio
  • Alexa built-in and multiple control options
  • Easy setup and app settings
  • Versatile and flexible in terms of streaming and connectivity
  • Powerful sound with decent bass
  • Can get loud
  • Bass is not room shaking
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Recommended Usage Home Bluetooth Speaker , Home Wi-Fi Speaker
Release Year 2019
Power Source AC Only
Multi-Device Pairing: N/A


Material Quality Great
Water Resistance: No
Dust Resistance No
Floats In Water: No


RGB Light: N/A
Color Variation Black and white
Sizes And Variants N/A


Power Source: AC Only
Hand Carry N/A
Weight 8.16 lbs
Volume: 466.6 in3
Connectivity: Bluetooth & Wi-Fi and Wired


Battery Powered: N/A
Battery Life N/A
Charging Time: N/A
Power Saving: N/A
Charging Port: No Battery


Bluetooth: Yes
Bluetooth Version: 802.11ac
Bluetooth Range: N/A
Bluetooth iOS Latency: N/A
Bluetooth Android Latency: N/A
Multi-Device Pairing: N/A


Wi-Fi: Yes
Wi-Fi Version: Wi-Fi 5
Wi-Fi Frequency Band: 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Apple AirPlay: Yes
AirPlay Latency: not specified
Google Chromecast: N/A
Chromecast Latency: N/A


Aux Input: Yes
USB Audio: Yes
Other Ports: Yes


Ease Of Use: Great
Music Play/Pause [Button/Touch]: Yes
Call Answer/End [Button/Touch]: N/A
Volume Up/Down [Button/Touch]: Yes
Track Next/Previous [Button/Touch]: Yes
Microphone On/Off: Yes
Additional Controls: Yes


Voice Assistant: Yes
Voice Activation: Yes
Speakerphone: N/A
Alexa: Built-in (Wi-Fi Only)
Siri: No
Google Assistant: No
Microphone Mute: Yes
Far-Field Performance: Excellent
Ambient Noise Performance Excellent


App Name: HEOS
iOS: Yes
Android: Yes
EQ: Bass/Treble
Stereo Pair Mode: Yes
Party Mode: Yes
Multi-Room: Yes


Frequency Response Accuracy: Great
Soundstage: Decent
Dynamics: Okey


Accessories: Denon 250 speaker, AC power cord, Screw, Quick Start Guide, Safety Instructions, Warranty Information
User manual: Yes
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Details Review

 Build quality:

Denon 250 is a mid-sized speaker that lies in the middle position in the Home series. It is a rectangular shape with round edges. This speaker is suitable for compact spaces. It has a built-in handle on the back side of the speaker that allows you to move it from one room to another. That said, the speaker is not highly portable as it will need continuous source of power. The speaker is covered by a fabric cloth and overall, the build quality is sturdy.

Control options:


Similar to the Denon 350 speaker, it has 3 presets where you can save your favorite internet radio stations. On the top panel the speaker has capacitive buttons that will light up just as you want to touch it allowing you to press them easily. The speaker has Alexa built-in and works with Google Assistant via 3rd party devices. HEOS app is available to control the speaker as well instead of physical controls (play, pause, skip, volume).

It has built-in mics inside it that are currently disabled. They will become active with future built-in voice assistants via software updates.



Denon Home 250 is a stereo speaker that delivers clear and expansive sound. The speaker has 0.75” tweeter and 2 4” woofer drivers. These tweeters are angled outwards so that the sound is widely dispersed. It also has a 5.25” passive radiator. They are driven by Class D amplifier. You can create powerful sound with another Denon 250 speaker as the speaker supports stereo pairing.

Low ends are deep and powerful. The speaker has great imaging and focused soundstage. Mids are clear and spacious. In small to medium sized rooms, the bass shows its presence. They sound good in terms of tonality and dynamics. You can listen to the speakers for long hours without any issue.


After setting up the speaker, if you are going to use the Wi-Fi, make sure they are within the range. Position the speakers 3 to 12” away from walls and 12” from any device that might cause interference like PC, TV, etc. Place them on flat surface like table, shelf on any other surface. You can place it in kitchen as well but make sure you do not spill water on them as they are not waterproof.

Connectivity and compatibility:

Although Denon Home 250 is not a wireless speaker, it has both wired and wireless connectivity. It supports Hi-res services like Amazon Music HD, Deezer and TIDAL. By using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Airplay, you can get access to music streaming services and internet radio. If you prefer otherwise, the speaker also allows you to play music from PC, smartphone, or NAS.

It does not support Google Cast so you need to use the HEOS app to get access of the BBC Sounds app. HEOS app is easy to use but you might need some time to get used to it. With HEOS built-in, you can connect the Home 250 to other compatible devices to play multiroom audio.


Denon Home 250 speakers are available at an affordable price. They are some of the best speakers under $2350. It is upgradable to a 5.1 system with a r DHT-S716H soundbar and DSW-1H subwoofer. If you do not have the budget, at least upgrade to a 2.1 system.


What is the best alternative to Denon Home 250 speakers?

Sonos Five is one of the best alternatives to Denon Home 250 speakers. There are some differences in terms of connectivity and app support. Like the Sonos Five does not have any USB port. It is also a bit costlier than the Home 250 speakers. It delivers a well-defined and improved sound.

Is Denon Home 250 speakers worth it?

Denon Home 250 speakers are reasonably priced. They are great for compact living rooms and will deliver room filling sound in medium sized places. They are versatile in terms of streaming and connectivity. The speakers are great and will give you a pleasant listening experience.  


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